TuneUp Utilities™ 2011

Get your PC in top shape!

  • Guarantees optimum PC performance
  • Restores and frees up memory
  • Helps you fix PC problems in a flash
  • Lets you customize the appearance of Windows®


Editor’s Choice Award


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Editor’s Pick Award


TuneUp Utilities™ 2011

Go with the original Windows® optimization software - go with TuneUp Utilities™.

Why TuneUp Utilities™ 2011?

With TuneUp Utilities™ 2011, Windows® runs on your PC like it did on the very first day. Whether you’re working, surfing or playing, TuneUp Utilities™’s many helpful tools will get your PC in top shape in a flash. And the best thing is, your PC will run like new again! Try it and see for yourself!

  • TuneUp Utilities™ - named best optimization software year after year
  • Already more than 20 million copies used worldwide
  • Now with a world innovation: TuneUp Program Deactivator – Programs-on-Demand Technology™
  • More speed thanks to the improved, more powerful Turbo Mode
  • 1-Click Maintenance, Live Optimization and over 30 additional features for a Windows® system that’s fast, stable and customizable
  • Compatible with Windows® 7, Windows® Vista and Windows® XP

Keep your PC in top shape – for Windows® system that runs like it did on the very first day!


Optimize your system

  • Disable programs you don't need to get maximum performance
  • The new, improved Turbo Modus gets rid of up to 10 more PC brakes
  • PCs start in a flash

Reduce system load

  • Complete control with the TuneUp Program Deactivator
  • Uninstall programs that aren't needed
  • Disable unnecessary startup programs

Perform maintenance

  • Improves system startup and shutdown times
  • Defragments the hard disk and registry
  • Removes orphaned shortcuts

Clean the registry

  • Cleans up the Windows® registry
  • Keeps Windows® and program errors to a minimum
  • Prevents performance loss and other problems

Free up disk space

  • Detects and deletes data trash to regain disk space
  • Ensures better performance even when the hard disk is full
  • Removes data safely and reliably

Fix problems

  • Fixes the most common Windows® problems
  • Provides complete control over programs and files
  • Fixes errors on hard disk and external drives

Customizes Windows®

  • Tailors Windows® to match your personal needs
  • Brightens up your system’s appearance to match your individual taste
  • Free design templates to make your PC look even more stylish